Showcave Owner Contravenes Geneva Convention in Demand for More Publicity

Reports are coming in today that the owner of the Welsh self-appointed National Showcave, Bashful Thrice, has threatened to implement policies of unprecedented abuse. Despite collective punishment being a war crime under Article 33 of the Geneva Convention, Bashful is threatening to close the showcave to everyone if another entrance is dug. The owner is […]

Rogue DanknessBelow Staff Fill in Draenan Entrance to “Prevent Spread of Weaponised Bats to the North”

Our internal affairs office has recently come to a startling verdict: the newest Draenan entrance on the tramway was filled in by one of our own journalists, Rusty Screwgate, in an effort to avoid the release of recently weaponised bats, and no, not the wooden kind. Twll Ddu, the entrance to Draenan opened in 2016, […]