Coronavirus and Caving

Update 14 May 2020 – COVID-19 – STAY SAFE We understand the predicament you’re all in: some of you are climbing the walls, perhaps you’re dreaming of digs yet to come. Luckily the BCA has provided us with some rules for Caving with Corona, and a statement on the caving situation ahead. No caving until […]

Get fit with Dankness Below

By guest reporter Flo Drips Here at DB, we know many of you will be cooped up at home, just itching to get out. We’ve all got a list of caves ready in mind for when we emerge from quarantine, but until then, it’s important to keep fit. Follow our cave-specific exercises below, tailored to […]

The DB Publishing Group position on #ballotgate

To dispel any rumours, we’ve been forced to make a statement on the position of both our publications (including our sister site Darkness Below) on the BCAs #ballotgate.  Here at DB, we believe electronic voting is wrong. This was confirmed by an article on our sister site Whilst it may look like the author (a […]

BCA zealots smack down Access Bodies

Startling scenes occurred yesterday as the Youth and Development group of the BCA issued a stern word of warning for access controlling bodies: let the kids in, or we’ll boot you out. The proclamation has sent shock waves rippling through the caving world, with those in charge of access traditionally used to sitting in dark […]

Hans Bratch rescue found to be GUE plot

Recent revelations have emerged after a dramatic rescue in Tennessee yesterday, when famous child catcher and knight of the realm Hans Bratch was retrieved from beyond a sump in Mill Pond, TN. The world renowned diver was following one line and removing another, before losing the laid line, which forced him to continue into the […]