The DB Publishing Group position on #ballotgate

To dispel any rumours, we’ve been forced to make a statement on the position of both our publications (including our sister site Darkness Below) on the BCAs #ballotgate. 

Here at DB, we believe electronic voting is wrong. This was confirmed by an article on our sister site

Whilst it may look like the author (a distant cousin to our own writer, Toby Throttlewank) is very bitter about the BCA membership emphatically giving him the boot when he ran for BCA council, this is not the case. 

And whilst it may look like our sister site is using an overly verbose writing style and cherry picked contextomy to disguise the lack of any real point, we assure you that this isn’t the case either. 

We think the article is very clear and we are trying to set out the facts. Electronic voting is wrong, because cavers, invariably, are wrong. 

They’re wrong about access. They’re wrong about conservation. They’re wrong about what they themselves really want.

If we take the memberships views into account, the big issues in caving might be decided within a year, rather than on a multi-year basis. Consider the CRoW debate: if we had electronic voting, the issue might have been settled very quickly, rather than letting everyone say their piece over and over again.

Electronic voting will stop the ceaseless and important machinations of the BCA. If a small crowd of extremists can’t stop the BCA from changing anything by using constitutional minutiae and spurious complaints, then due process is not carried out.

Put very simply: in the new system, someone from the north will have just as much of an impact on a Mendip AGM as you have. Is this what you really want?

Do you really want to wrest the big decisions from a small group of superior, highly intelligent and very wise caving politicians, and instead hand those decisions over to an electorate? Ridiculous.

Please consider voting against electronic voting. We don’t understand it and therefore it’s wrong.

Yours, The DB Publishing Group