60% of Mendip Cave Rescue Callouts to Extricate People Trapped in Armchairs.

Goodlad de Joly writes in:

Mendip Cave Rescue (MCR) have recently released their 2017 incident report summary.

Some of the findings of the report were easily predicted, for instance only 17% of the 12 MCR-attended incidents in 2017 involved underground rescue, and of those rescues a large proportion were from Rhino Rift to recover local cavers who frequently become hysterical at the sight of rope.

Rhino Rift has a fearsome reputation in the Mendip caving community for containing three SRT pitches, and as such is considered to be one of the few Grade 6 caves.

The other strong trend to emerge in the report is the significant number of MCR incidents that involve extracting unfortunate cavers who are stuck-fast in comfortable armchairs either in their homes or in one of the local drinking huts.

In a statement that accompanied the release of the incident report, MCR said: “Like other search-and-rescue organisations, Mendip Cave Rescue has had to adapt to the changing nature of incidents in our region, and so each MCR Land Rover now carries a wide selection of lubricants and we are in discussion with Durex about a possible sponsorship deal.”

Though few of the rescue call outs involved caving, some Dales cavers were surprised to learn that there were such a large number of underground incidents on Mendip, with one Clapham-based potholer tweeting, “Shocked to hear 2 Mendip rescues underground in 2017 – thought there were no caves on Mendip. Next you’ll be telling me they’ve got a cave that’s 9 km long LOL”.