Adolf Hitler Named as New BCA Legal Officer

Toby Thottlewank contacted the press team here at Dankness Below today with this breaking news report.

Secret official documents obtained by the DanknessBelow team have confirmed the appointment of Adolf Hitler as the new Legal Officer for the BCA.

Adolf had previously worked in similar organisations and is recommending the formation of the new Grossbrittanien Uberarschhöhle Arbeiterpartei which recommends the annexation of Cornwall by the BCA.

Many cavers have welcomed the move, with prominent Mendip caver Aaron Krabs remarking; “to question Adolf’s suitability for the job is slanderous. I am sure, being a professional, he will declare any conflict of interest immediately. The Führer should be applauded for what I am sure is a completely altruistic act”.

In a surprising twist, pro-CRoW campaigners were also pleased with the appointment. “I honestly though it was going to be that prominent anti-access campaigner”, said Keith Corvus, adding “and I can’t help but agree with Adolf’s utter disregard for the wishes of the landowner”.

Promising news, but will be the appointment bring disrepute to the BCA? The jury’s out as far as the DanknessBelow team is concerned. Stay tuned for updates.